MNKnowledge организира безплатно онлайн обучение по JAVA

MNKnowledge – партньорска организация на REWE Bulgaria.

Организира безплатно онлайн обучение по JAVA, което ще стартира в началото на март, а след неговия край участниците ще имат възможност да останат в екипа на REWE като служители.

With our new REWE digital Academy 2023, you’ll kickstart your ‍

IT career with us – completely free of charge.

During our 4 week training course in Bulgarian language, you’ll receive extensive insights into Java and Spring to become a Junior Software Developer.

Together with other talented students, you’ll learn from some of the most experienced Software Developers in Bulgaria.

At the end, you’ll have the exclusive chance to sign your employment contract with us! Are you ready?

Then get aboard and apply now until February 17 here: