Journal “Careers”

Careers is a journal which is a product of the Center for Career Development at Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen. Its main goal is to provide a platform for the scientific achievements of prominent authors working in the thematic fields which are in the focus of our Center.

Main fields of interest:

  • Study of the labor market, unemployment, economy by economic activities;
  • Problems related to educational marketing, career guidance, career counseling;
  • Analysis of the realization of Shumen university graduates;
  • Main challenges to the relationship „training – business“;
  • Providing a „scientific forum“ for prominent business professionals;
  • Presenting prominent or famous business people who have graduated the University of Shumen.

Publication languages: Bulgarian and English.

Frequency: 1 or 2 issues / year

Format: All publications are published in electronic form, on the website of the Center for Career Development at the University of Shumen.

The magazine is international: authors from all over the world are welcome submit their research for publication.

The magazine has its own ISSN: 2815-2786

Reviewing process: Each material is reviewed by two independent reviewers and is attributted its own unique DOI code.

Who can publish with us: Our authors can be: researchers, representatives of state administration, professors at universities and colleges, representatives of political parties, doctoral students, representatives of non-governmental organizations, BA and MA students, representatives of civil society. Each author bears sole responsibility for their publication.

Ethics: The editors of the journal may reject without review any material that is unsuitable for publication in the journal. Reviewers provide their objective opinion on the suitability of a material for publication. Each positively assessed paper is then published. Upon its submission every paper is checked for plagiarism.